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What Do I Do if My Crown Fell Out?

Crowns generally fall out while you’re chewing or eating during a pretty inconvenient time to see your dentist. Fortunately, replacing a crown is an easy fix and isn’t considered an emergency in most cases.

Replacing a Lost Crown

Although not a critical situation, there are two important details to remember if you’ve lost a crown. The first is to make an appointment with Dr. Lanahan to get it fixed as soon as possible. Let the staff at Grants Pass Family Dental  know that you’ve lost a crown, giving as many details as possible.

The second important element is to remove the crown from your mouth and set it aside to avoid swallowing it or breathing it into your lungs. Put the crown into a plastic bag or small container so that you can take it in to see the dentist.

What To Do While You Wait

Once the appointment with Dr. Lanahan has been made, it’s crucial to keep the tooth and crown as clean as possible. Gently clean the tooth and the crown in the case that you can temporarily place it into your mouth. Avoid excessively chewy, sticky or tough foods until your crown is repaired.

Dental Exam and X-Rays

If your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, it may cause you pain because the remaining pulp of your tooth is exposed. This can be treated with simple over-the-counter pain relievers or with commercial temporary crown cement that contains zinc oxide, usually found in pharmacies or drug stores. If you choose to use a material like this, keep in mind that it’s truly a temporary measure until your appointment with Dr. Lanahan.

When You See the Dentist

The negative aspect of using temporary crown cement is that when you placed the crown on the tooth, it’s more than likely that bacteria is now trapped in that space. Dr. Lanahan  will remove the crown and clean and disinfect the area before placing a permanent crown in that space.

If you’ve lost a crown, make an appointment with Dr. Lanahan at Grants Pass Family Dental  as soon as you can to help keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

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